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The King of Oil Fuel Additive (YOUGONG) is a non-chemical fuel additive finely prepared with good quality raw materials by using nuclear magnetic resonance technique and contemporary pollution-control and energy-saving achievements. As it does not contain any harmful chemical substance, the use of it will not generate any detrimental matter as well as secondary pollution.

Usage and Dosage:

When using it,just add a volume of one thousandth of the additive into a liquid fuel (diesel oil, gasoline, crude oil, kerosene or alcohol) with a double volume when using it the first time.


Environment-friendly additive:
It make the fuel fully combusted while effectively cleaning the exhaust from oil-fired engine. It will eliminate the toxic emission of exhaust smoke, NOx, SO2,HC and CO.

Energy-saving effect:

The use of it will result in economizing energy to a large extent and bringing down fuel cost.

Power-boosting effect: It is conducive to strengthening engine power, acceleration and running speed.

Cleaning engine and reducing noise:

(1) It is effective for the cleaning of engine interior so as to eliminate carbon sediment and prevent it from re-accumulation of the sediment resulting it prolonging lifetime of the engine.

(2) Lessening engine noise and trembling and being easy to start in cold or hot weather.

(3) Greatly extending the lifetime of machine oil.

Running miles can be extended: An increase of 15% - 35% running miles can be achieved by trail test of the motor car.

The additive agent has been tested and inspected by the Quality Control & Inspection Center for Motor Exhaust Devices under the State Environmental Protection Bureau and the Motor Exhaust Devices Laboratory under China Environmental Science Academy and has been proved to be an effective exhaust-controlling additive. It is the only one in China that has been inspected and approved by the State Environmental Protection Bureau.


The additive can be use in all kinds of oil-fired engines or equipment with diesel, gasoline or crude oils as fuel, such as automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, locomotive, ships, generator unit and boilers, etc. for controlling exhaust, enhancing power, saving fuel, cleaning and protecting engine and extending lifetime of engines.

Important Note:

Since the additive is capable of removing carbon and dirty deposit remained in the engine in addition to helping combustion, When using it the first time, it is advisable to keep using it for a period of time (about one week or 1500 Km of running ) until the old deposit is fully come out of the engine before inspection. Otherwise the effluent of the old deposit will influence the inspection result. We recommend the engine be cleaned before using it.


Clean the engine before using the additive and doing inspection.


Keep it away from direct sunlight and in a cool place. Take care to protect it from fire or static.


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